The everlasting question. Premade or custom? When do I use what? Why? How? Pros and Cons?

We'll do our best to explain when both variants could be useful, and why we think premade work is underrated. Tag along!


Every year, millions of companies, dreams, and projects are started up, and all of them need a logo. If you're someone who loves to create a lot but doesn't have a ton of money to spend on custom work every time, premade is a great alternative. Ordering custom work is a bit of roulette, especially if you aren't that deep into graphic design. You don't really know what you'll get, and even if most designers will do their best to achieve your visions, sometimes it's very difficult. 


Custom work, especially when it comes to logos, is a great alternative when you're looking for something very specific. Like a seven-legged green kangaroo juggling taco shells. If that's the case, you're probably better of ordering custom. 


We'll go through some pros and cons of both custom and premade work. Keep in mind that we can only speak for when reviewing this! 


Custom work:



     - Good when ordering very specific work



     - More expensive

     - Longer waiting times

     - Risk of scams

     - Not knowing what you'll get



Premade work (Anyfn)



     - Instant

     - Cheaper

     - The same, or even higher, quality as custom work

     - You know what you get

     - No uncertainties

     - Gives designers more freedom



     - You might not find what you're looking for



In our biased opinion, premade is the way to go. But custom work is undeniably a great way of ordering art once done correctly. 


Happy creating!