⭐ 3 Underrated Tips On How to Get More Twitter Followers

Twitter is one of the world's most used social media platforms and is in many ways completely unique to its competitors. With over 6 years of experience, I'll go through 3 growth hacks which to me has been working the best of growing your real audience on Twitter!

Keep in mind, though, that the most important step is to actually have fun doing it. Otherwise, there's really no point.


1. Schedule Tweets



As long as you're not spamming, the more you upload the more traffic you will gain.

Scheduling tweets is a massive advantage that can easily make your life and growth so much simpler.

There are many platforms for this, one of the main ones being Tweetdeck, but in most countries, Twitter themselves have interpreted a scheduling feature on their own Web App. 

Take an hour or two once every week to schedule around 5-10 tweets per day. Here's a little cheat-sheet on how you can think when formatting your tweets:


3 normal text tweets (something that you want to tell the world).

2 question tweets (gets a lot of impressions).

1 image (maybe of something cool you saw on the street).


2. Have a clean profile


Social media is all about first impressions. 

You decide whether you want to click on someone's profile, like her tweet, or comment on his picture in literally milliseconds.

Having a strong profile (name + profile picture) is therefore crucial. 

You can use a great logo from our premade store, or get a custom one. As long as it's high quality, it works.

You can also use a great headshot of yourself with a one-colored background. 

Try to also use a rememberable name if not your own, skip the emojis or long rants as your name!


3. Commenting and liking


The most important step: being active.

But being active doesn't have to be complicated. We have a few shortcuts for you.


Set up shortcuts on your iPhone or Android keyboard to save time when commenting. Maybe !nice can auto-correct to a two-sentence message of how much you like this. Saves you a lot of time.

Like the two latest tweets from the profiles you visit. 

Why two? Twitter won't show more than the two latest like notifications from the same person, so going through whole Twitter pages to like every single tweet is a complete waste of time. Sorry.


That concludes the 3 underrated tips on how to quickly grow your Twitter audience! Please remember to always be kind, helpful, and respectable. 


You got this!