We strongly believe that the best art is created premade. Even though custom work often can be great when looking for something specific, premade is your best alternative when looking for something with high quality, but to a lower cost and instant delivery.  

Always! Nobody likes a copycat. After you've made a purchase of a logo, it will be marked as sold and cannot be bought again. You'll be the only owner of it in the whole world.

Absolutely! When you're ordering your logo, feel free to place a comment with the purchase on what you'd like changed or added. Please keep in mind that we only make minor modifications. We'll always make sure you're 100% satisfied.

Honestly, that's a great quesiton. Custom work can be great when ordering something very specific, like a seven-legged green kangaroo juggling taco shells, but if not, premade is the way to go. Why choose between quality, affordability, and fast delivery when you can have all three? 


Due to the nature of digital goods, we can never offer a refund. If you have ANY problems with your product, please email us over at support@anyfn.com!

With every purchase you'll receive the source file, .ai, in a digital .zip file. That works as a copyright transfer from Anyfn to the buyer. We and our designers will still have the rights to showcase the logo as previous work.

To own a logo, you need the source file, which is what you receive upon purchase. It's easy to edit out a watermark, the source file is what makes the ownership unique and truthful. We produce all of our logos in the vector based program Illustrator. 


We carefully pick who gets to be a part of Anyfn. At this moment, we have ten designers working with us, make sure to give them a follow! 

The talents: Derrick, Jake, Djordje, Kane, Ayman, Felipe, Ioann, Jimper, Clement and Fabian.

We're not looking for designers right now, but we can purchase individual logos if they hold the high quality we're looking for. Please send us a picture of what you want to sell, why, to what price as well as some backstory to the art and who you are to hello@anyfn.com!

(Un)fortunately, we pick our designers ourselves. This is to guarantee the highest of quality, aswell as to avoid scams by sellers. You can always connect with us on social media, though, seeing great art is a blessing!


Awesome! Shoot us a message to sponsor@anyfn.com!