Danger Capital
Danger Capital

Danger Capital

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Looking for some assets to your brand? 

We got you. Take a look at this beautifully vectored Smiley design by our Fabian! This product will only be sold once, meaning there will just be one owner. 

What's included:

  ✓   .ai source vector file.

  ✓   .png versions of the asset.

  ✓   Rights to use the asset.

 Our assets are always sold just once. 

Why anyfn?


Taking care of unused art makes it possible to offer the same quality design to a much cheaper price. Pretty neat, right?


Don't spend months looking for the perfect brand when it's already on here. Instant purchases, instant progress.


Your brand deserves the best. That's why we work with a small team of passionate humans. Design is created best premade.